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Welcome to the Cultural Heritage Inventory (CHI). The Auckland region, which extends from Wellsford in the North to Pukekohe in the South is rich in cultural heritage. Information about over 16,000 different types of cultural heritage sites can be accessed through this website.  
Ferry building         Shakespear RP, obsidian flake         Pa, South Head, Kaipara Harbour
News features    
ARC coastal survey    
During January to mid February 2010, an archaeological contractor and Cultural Heritage contractor surveyed coastal areas in the Auckland region. Areas included: S Manukau Harbour from Clarks Beach to Lower Drury Creek and Kawau Island. This will significantly add to our knowledge about new and existing sites in these areas and increase the percentage of the region that has been systematically surveyed.
Barge            Midden            Old road bridge            Vehicle wheel & axel unit
Excavation at Shakespear Regional Parks    
From the beginning of February 2010 over a two week period, ARC and University of Auckland archaeology staff and students undertook an archaeological investigation at Waitangi Falls, Waiuku. This was a rescue excavation of Tapu Tiketike Pa (R12/348) - a headland pa site that is eroding into the Manukau Harbour. To date, findings show a complex sequence of occupation and reuse.
Adze            Excavation on site            Excavation square            Post hole
Please note that all archaeological evidence whether recorded, registered or not is protected by the Historic Places Act 1993 and an Authority is required from the New Zealand Historic Places Trust (NZHPT) to modify or destroy archaeological sites. It is the responsibility of the holder of any resource consent to develop the property to obtain the necessary Authorities under the Historic Places Act 1993, should these become necessary as a result of any activity associated with the proposed development.For more information please go to the te