Waitawa RP Kohekohe Pa Courtesy of Alastair Jamieson

Subscription details
The Auckland Council, other government organisations and heritage consultants can subscribe to become a Super User with higher levels of accessibility to the CHI Database and Geospatial Mapping System. Access is restricted to those working in government or heritage with specialist cultural heritage knowledge (including legislation) who are able to fully interpret the data.
If you are not eligible, then you can still use the CHI for free at a Public User level. You can also get the Cultural Heritage team to carry out searches for you - contact us and request a CHI search.
Subscription fees
For those eligible to subscribe as a Super User, a subscription will apply in some cases. For multiple users from the same organisation, one flat fee will apply for all users. Please apply for separate logons per person and do not share your logon details with other people.
For further information about subscription charges, contact us . Please note that subscriptions charges are still being reviewed after the November 2010 establishment of the new Auckland Council.
All users wanting to subscribe to the CHI (whether paying a subscription fee or not) need to fill in the subscription form (see below) to set up an account and an individual logon. Alternatively, please contact us to set this up on your behalf.
Applying an account and logon
To set up an account and subscribe to the CHI database, please make sure that you are eligible (i.e. working in government or heritage), have read through and agreed to the terms & conditions  and submitted the subscription form. This subscription form will be automatically sent to the Administrator for consideration. You will be sent a response within the next 5 working days.
Benefits of subscription
Super Users have the following benefits through their subscription to the CHI:
  • Full access to all fields in the CHI Places and Bibliography database
  • Full access to basic and advanced search functionalities
  • Ability to save, edit and retrieve searches in the database
  • Ability to update records by submitting new data (e.g. coordinates, addresses, further site details etc.) via an online form
  • Full access to the Auckland Council Viewer mapping system and extra data
  • Full download rights for CHI Places and Bibliography and GIS maps from the Auckland Council Viewer.
Super Users subscribing to the CHI can still contact the CH Team to have an information requests carried out for no extra charge.
For those not eligible/not wanting to subscribe, you can still use the database and send requests through to the CH Team. Fees may apply (you will be advised accordingly).
Only one account per person. For multiple users from the same company, please apply separately for each different logon. Please do not pass on your logon details to anyone. It is the discretion of the Administrator to suspend any account/change a person’s user status to Public User if subscription fees are not paid in the agreed time period or as a result of inappropriate online behaviour.